Religions role in violence

In the Middle East-North Africa region, on balance, Muslims are more concerned about Islamic than Christian extremist groups, but more than one-in-five in most countries surveyed in the region are worried about both Islamic and Christian groups.

The History of Religion and Violence

Lal in his book Theory and Practice of Muslim State in India claims that between the years AD and AD, the population of the Indian subcontinent decreased from to million.

Both Tunisia and Egypt, for example, experienced major political upheavals inwith Islamic parties emerging as the dominant political blocs. Swords flashed like lightning amid the blackness of clouds, and fountains of blood flowed like the fall of setting stars Since there is no consensus on definitions of "religion" among scholars and no way to isolate "religion" from the rest of the more likely motivational dimensions, it is incorrect to label any violent event as "religious".

Many women have report that their faith and faith community provided essential support when leaving an abusive relationship, and found their religion to be a comfort to them in very difficult times. But is it fair to say that Jesus promoted the violence promulgated by warrior popes and the crusades.

Below is a list of ways in which faith communities can assist survivors of domestic violence: Volunteer your time or resources to a domestic violence organization.

The order was given for a general massacre of the infidels as a punishment. The life of Jesus and the Bible he brought were for a specific time and specific people.

On balance, more Muslims are concerned about Islamic than Christian extremist groups. At the same time, many Muslims say religious leaders should influence political matters and see Islamic political parties as just as good or better than other political parties.

But unlike Nabeel, I didn't choose Christianity. Cavanaugh writes that what he calls "the myth of religious violence" as a reason for the rise of secular states may be traced to earlier philosophers, such as Spinoza, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, and Voltaire.

The invention of the concept of "religious violence" helps the West reinforce superiority of Western social orders to "nonsecular" social orders, namely Muslims at the time of publication. Indeed, there are cruel or violent passages in the Bible.

Religious violence in India

The first mosque built in Delhi, the " Quwwat al-Islam " was built with demolished parts of 20 Hindu and Jain temples. In addition to freedom for themselves, most Muslims believe individuals from other religions are able to practice their faith openly.

Click on the resources tab for downloadable articles about domestic violence, and other forms of abuse. After all, if a religion claims to be the Truth then it can withstand the crucible of a rational examination.

Elsewhere in these two regions, even fewer say this tactic can be justified. The beliefs, affiliations, and behaviors of any individual are complex activities that have many sources including culture.

On that Sunday, the 17th of the month, the whole place was pillaged, and several places in Jahan-panah and Siri were destroyed. The sea-resembling army moved swiftly, like a hurricane, to Ghurganw.

Moreover, many forms of systemic violence often slip past our attention because they are so much a part of the infrastructure of life e.

King Jaipal then sent a new message to the Sultan and his Amir, stating "You have seen the impetuosity of the Hindus and their indifference to death.

The Sultan would not allow him to postpone the conflict, and the friends of God commenced the action, setting upon the enemy with sword, arrow and spear,—plundering, seizing and destroying The children were cut into pieces on the heads of their mothers, on the orders of Nusrat Khan.

For example, he finds a persistent global pattern to align religious like Islam as a cause for violence and others like Buddhism as an explanation of peace. The other plunder and spoils were immense, gems and jewels of all sorts, rubies, diamonds, stuffs and fabrics of all kinds, vases and vessels of gold and silver Terrorism expert Martha Crenshaw suggests that religion is just a mask used by political movements to draw support.

Arguably, it is blasphemous to say that God needs an earthly army to fight Its battles, or perform Its revenge. Crenshaw suggests that threatening the internal stability of these organizations perhaps by offering a nonviolent alternative will dissuade religious organizations from performing political violence.

Religious Freedom Muslims generally say they are very free to practice their religion.

Domestic Violence and Religion

Yahya bin Ahmad, the historian remarked on the arrest of Muslims by Hindus, "the unclean ruthless infidels had no respect for the Musulman religion".

Intervene when you suspect abuse is occurring. Noon had not arrived when the Musulmans had wrecked their vengeance on the infidel enemies of God, killing 15, of them, spreading them like a carpet over the ground, and making them food for beasts and birds of prey But in the late 19th century, the British historian Lord Acton feared that the adulation of the national spirit that laid such emphasis on ethnicity, culture and language, would penalise those who did not fit the national norm: One fifth of the booty and slaves were dispatched back as khums tax to Hajjaj and the Caliph.

Apr 10,  · The History of Religion and Violence To say that the Quran promotes the violence of ISIS is analogous to saying that the Bible promotes the violence of the KKK. This overlooks the rich. Religious violence in India includes acts of violence by followers of one religious group against followers and institutions of another religious group, often in the form of rioting.

The myth of religious violence

Religious violence in India, especially in recent times, has generally involved Hindus and Muslims, although incidents of violence have also involved atheists, Christians and Sikhs.

Religious violence differs from secular violence in that it is symbolic, absolutist, and unrestrained by historical time. 12 However, keeping the notion of cosmic war separate from secular political war is impossible on Juergensmeyer's own terms.

Religious violence is a term that covers phenomena where religion is either the subject or the object of violent behavior. Religious violence is, specifically, violence that is motivated by or in reaction to religious precepts, texts, or doctrines.

Religious violence

Violence is throughout the traditions of religions and in biblical text of many of them. Violence can range in scale from self harm to destruction of a state or country. This idea about sacrifice has been very much an influence on Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism. In the context of violence against women, religious teachings and communities will play a role; they will never be neutral.

Domestic Violence and Religion

This document covers some of the basic issues and questions that confront religiously identified women who have experienced abuse.

Religions role in violence
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